About Me (Mrs McGettrick), Mr Buttons, And My Fuggler Empire

Fugglers originally began with an insomnia inspired purchase that transformed into a hobby, and then grew quite by accident into a business.

In 2010 I was wandering the stranger recesses of eBay late at night when I stumbled across a listing for a bag full of individual false teeth.

At first I laughed, wondering why on Earth anyone would sell such a thing.

Then I laughed harder, wondering who on Earth would buy such a thing.

My mind conjured up a vision of a little old lady buying the teeth to add to her home made teddy bears. I imagined her stood at craft sales, wedged between jams and knitted scarves and jewellery boxes covered in tiny shells, her portion of the fold away table infested with toothy monstrosities. Her confused face as people gave her a wide berth.

I laughed until I cried.

The teeth arrived in the post the next week.

  Over the years, I have seen my weird little hobby grow into a business, infiltrate creepypasta folklore, flourish in listicles that hysterically demand to know why such a thing exists, and gather a wonderful group of supporters.

  One of my most popular designs is known online as "Mr Buttons". The original one I sold was actually called "Uncle Squeezy" - the Mr Buttons nickname was given to it in a feature on Distractify, and it stuck. He surfaces quite regularly on the internet, and has been seen on Buzzfeed, Laughing Squid, Boingboing, io9.com, Viralnova, Wacky Wednesdays youtube video, Matt Santoro's youtube channel, Metro's "9 Of The Creepiest Valentine's Presents" and DailyoftheDay

 Where are you?

  I'm based in Dover, Kent, England, inside a house that also hosts one rather bemused husband, three black cats, and a sofa that contains more teeth than I would admit to in polite company. I post worldwide, but please remember there are a lot of people on xray machines between my country and yours that occasionally get weirded out by the teeth, so delivery times can vary!

  If you want to follow me on instagram, you can track me down at https://instagram.com/fugglers/

  If you want to follow me on facebook, it's www.facebook.com/fuggleremporium